Episode Two: “The Key.”

Planet Earth… the Sailor Scouts, Prince Endymion and Artemis are teleported atop a cliff over looking a vast, endless battle field. Thousands of humans, men and women alike are fighting against what seems to be an endless army of monsters and demons. The ground is littered in bodies and the grass and dirt stained with blood.
Sailor Jupiter: (horrified) “This is worse then I could ever imagine…”
Prince Endymion: “The monsters are out numbering us quickly… we’re running out of men and women to fight.”
Sailor Venus: “And what of the children… where are they?”
Prince Endymion: “The children and the elderly are being kept save in the Crystal Kingdom… we’re trying our best to keep this evil army away from there but we don’t have much time.”
Sailor Mars: “We must act fast… what do you want us to do Prince Endymion?”
Prince Endymion: “Sailor Scouts, I’d like to introduce you to my four generals…”
From behind them four tall figures step forth.
Prince Endymion: “This is general Jedite, Nephlite, Zoicite and Malacite… they will be aiding us in our mission.”
All four Generals: (bowing down before the Sailor Scouts) “It is truly an honor my ladies.”
Prince Endymion: “Men at ease… Our mission Sailor Scouts is to invade Queen Beryl’s headquarters… (he turns and points to a large, strange rock formation coming out of the ground at a far distance) that large comet hit Earth the day Queen Beryl and her army invaded… we believe that there is where we shall find her.”
Sailor Mercury presses down on one of her earrings, her computer goggles appear before her eyes.
Sailor Mercury: “Yes, I’m analyzing the structure and from what I see in the readings it’s admitting a large amount of unknown energy… it also appears to be hallow at its core, if Queen Beryl is hiding that would be the ideal place.”
Sailor Jupiter: “Okay, then let’s find a way in and stop that witch!”
General Malacite: “Sailor Mercury, can you determine if there is an entrance in?”
Sailor Mercury: “No, not at this distance… I’d have to be closer.”
Prince Endymion: “Alright, this is what we’re going to do… we’re jumping in the battle, we’ll fan ourselves out and force our way towards the comment. I’ll take the center, Mercury and Jedite you both take the far left side… Nephlite and Mars, potion yourself between Mercury, Jedite and myself… Jupiter and Malacite, you both take the far right side. Venus and Zoicite cover the ground between Jupiter, Malacite and myself! Our objective is to make it to the comet so Mercury can get a better anallise of a way into that comet… understood!?!”
All: “YES!”
They all leap off the cliff onto the ground below and make their way toward the comet. Back on the Moon Kingdom…
Princess Serenity storms through the large doors of the court room.
Princess Serenity: “Mother, I demand to know what is going on!”
Luna: “Princess, it’s nothing that you should concern yourself with…”
Princess Serenity: “I am the Moon Princess! Anything that concerns the court concerns me… Mother I demand an answer!”
Luna: “Princess… please…”
Queen Serenity: “Luna, she is right… what is destined to happen has already begun. Serenity, there is a great war occurring on planet Earth as we speak… a dark evil seeks the Galaxy Crystal. I have ordered the Sailor Scouts to return to Earth with Prince Endymion to prevent that from happening.”
Princess Serenity: (alarmed) “But the Sailor Scouts are only dispatched to fight if all else has failed…”
Queen Serenity: “And all else has failed Serenity… the outer Scouts were summoned first but they…”
Princess Serenity: (horrified) “No… Pluto, Uranus, Neptune… Saturn, this can’t be.”
Queen Serenity: “Yes my darling, I’m afraid so… now the fate of the Silver Millennium rests in the hands of the four inner Sailor Scouts and Prince Endymion.”
Princess Serenity: (in tears) “I must help them before anyone else gets killed!”
Princess Serenity runs out of the court room, Luna runs after her.
Queen Serenity: “Stop Luna, let her go!”
Luna: “But my queen if she goes surely she too shall…”
Queen Serenity: “Luna, this war on Earth and it’s outcome was revealed to me many years ago… Serenity is the only hope we have of defeating Queen Beryl.”
Luna: “But my queen, Serenity is merely a child… (tears forming in her eyes) she has no chance standing against Queen Beryl, none of them do.”
Queen Serenity: “Serenity is the key… the power of love she carries within her heart is stronger then any evil, I just hope she believes in that and in how powerful she truly is.”

Episode One: “The Beginning”

The Moon Kingdom, Silver Millenium. Year: 4013.
Queen Serenity sits within the large, empty court room of the Moon Palace. A look of concern is upon her face, suddenly a guard storms into the room.
Guard: “My queen, Prince Endymion has arrived from planet Earth… should I send him in?”
Queen Serenity: (standing to her feet) “Yes… allow him into my court.”
Prince Endymion walks into the court room, he kneels before Queen Serenity.
Prince Endymion: “My queen…”
Queen Serenity: “Endymion, what is the status on Earth?”
Prince Endymion: (stands) “Your highness, the war on Earth continues… we are being out numbered, things aren’t looking favorable for the Moon Kingdom…”
Queen Serenity: (sitting back onto her throne) “So the moment I have been dreading has arrived… It is time to call forth the Sailor Scouts. Endymion, return to Earth and continue to fight.”
Prince Endymion: “My queen, would it be possible for me to see the Princess? I’d love to hold her  before I leave.”
Queen Serenity: “I do not wish to worry my daughter with the war on Earth Endymion… please if she asks you don’t inform her of anything.”
Prince Endymion: “I shall not your highness.”
Queen Serenity: “Then you may find her in the rose garden…”
Prince Endymion runs out of the court room, Luna walks out from behind the queen’s throne.
Luna: “He truly loves the Princess, doesn’t he?”
Queen Serenity: “He certainly does Luna… they’re love shall be the salvation of man kind, but with that salvation shall come great lose. Luna, summon the four Sailor Scouts… the time for their sacrifice has come.”
Prince Endymion walks into the rose garden, he looks around and spots Princess Serenity standing by a rose bush. She holds to her nose a beautiful red rose and smells it’s scent. The soft sun light shines upon her creating an angelic glow around her, Prince Endymion is taken back by her beauty. He steps toward her and speaks her name.
Prince Endymion: “… Serenity…”
Princess Serenity turns to find Endymion, she runs to him.
Princess Serenity: “My love… is this a dream?”
Prince Endymion: (catching Serenity in his embrace) “No my love this is not a dream, I am truly here… but my visit shall be a brief one.”
Back in the court room of the Moon Palace.
Queen Serenity: (standing before Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus) “Sailor Scouts, I have summoned you from your on planetary kingdoms to inform you that planet Earth needs your help… a terrible war has started on Earth. A great evil threatens mankind and their survival rests in your hands…”
Luna and Artemis walk up to Queen Serenity and sit by her feet.
Queen Serenity: “Luna and Artemis will brief you on the threat on Earth… Scouts, this may be the very last time we all may meet… fight with honor my brave Sailor Scouts.”
Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus: “Yes my queen!”
In the rose garden:
Princess Serenity: (pulling away from Endymion’s hold) “What do you mean your visit will be brief Endymion?… you just arrived.”
Prince Endymion: ” Serenity, there is a matter on Earth that I must return to…”
Princess Serenity: (confused) “Matter?… what matter Endymion?”
Prince Endymion: “It’s nothing… I just wanted to see you and tell you that I love you my beautiful, sweet Serenity.”
Princess Serenity slips back into Prince Endymion’s arms, she places her head on his chest.
Princess Serenity: “What aren’t you telling me my love? It seems as if you are saying good bye… as if you know you shall never again return to me Endymion.”
Prince Endymion places a finger under Princess Serenity’s chin and lifts her face to his. Tears form within Princess Serenity’s eyes, he leans in and kisses her.
Prince Endymion: “Serenity… what ever comes to happen always remember that I will always be with you… in your heart shall I forever be Serenity.”
Suddenly Artemis enters the rose garden.
Artemis: Prince Endymion, the Sailor Scouts are ready to depart to Earth with you.”
Princess Serenity: “Endymion, you must return to me… here, please take this…”
She hands Endymion the red rose.
Princess Serenity: “Take this rose Endymion as a symbol of my love for you… you must return it to me Endymion, you must.”
Prince Endymion takes the rose, he pulls Princess Serenity to him and the two kiss passionately. Prince Endymion then turns and runs back into the Moon Palace. Inside the court room.
Luna: (addressing the four Sailor Scouts) “As the queen has already informed you, Earth is under a great attack… a powerful evil invaded Earth, we believe that this evil is in search of the Galaxy Crystal. You four must go to Earth and prevent that from happening!”
Sailor Jupiter: “Luna, what is this great evil… does it have a name?”
Luna: “Her name is, Queen Beryl… from what we know of her she came from an unknown dimension. She brought with her a large, powerful army of monsters and demons, she wants the Galaxy Crystal for it’s unlimited power… and with it’s power she shall control everything. Which is why she must not find it.”
Sailor Mercury: “Do we know if this Queen Beryl has any form of weakness?”
Luna: “No, we do not know of any weakness… but we do know that she is a powerful Sorceress of the dark arts.”
Sailor Venus: “Ugh, this witch seems to be unstoppable!”
Sailor Mars: “Nothing is unstoppable… we just need to join together and hopefully with the light of Planet Power we can stop this monster!”
Luna: “Scouts, it is your duty to protect planet Earth, Princess Serenity and most importantly the Galaxy Crystal… you all must fight and do just that, it is your destiny.”
Prince Endymion and Artemis enter the court room:
Prince Endymion: “Sailor Scouts are you ready to depart for Earth!?!”
The Sailor Scouts all look at one another and then to Luna.
Luna: “It is your destiny Sailor Scouts…”
Sailor Venus: “Yes… we are ready.”
Luna: “Artemis, you go with Prince Endymion and the Scouts… I’ll remain here and watch over the Princess.”
Artemis: “Yes of course Luna, Prince Endymion… Sailor Scouts, are we ready to teleport?”
The Sailor Scouts form a circle hand in hand, Prince Endymion and Artemis stand at it’s center.
Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus: “SAILOR SCOUT TELEPORTATION!”
A bright light flashes and they are gone. Queen Serenity steps out from behind a darkened corner of the court room.
Queen Serenity: (tears in her eyes) “My brave Sailor Scouts… little do you all know that you shall never be returning back home…”